Experimental Study on NO<sub>x</sub> Formation in Gas-staged Burner Based on the Design of Experiments
Belohradský, P.
Kermes, V.
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Belohradský P., Kermes V., 2012, Experimental Study on NOx Formation in Gas-staged Burner Based on the Design of Experiments, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 29, 79-84.
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The presented paper is focused on the experimental study of the influence of combustion operating conditions and burner constructional parts on the formation of nitrogen oxides. The combustion tests were carried out at the large-scale burners testing facility that enables to test the burners up to the heat output of 1,800 kW. The tested burner was the low-NOx type burner, namely the two-staged gas burner.
The paper describes in detail the tested burner and the parameters which were changed during the combustion tests. Since the number of parameters was high and if the tests were carried out for all mutual combinations of parameters, the scope of experiment would be disproportionately large, expensive and time consuming. For that reason the combustion tests were carried out according to the sophisticated statistical approach called the design of experiment. Based on the acquired experimental data the mathematical model predicting NOx concentration in flue gas depending on the investigated parameters was developed.
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