Dry Reforming of Methane – Review of Feasibility Studies
Er-rbib, H.
Bouallou, C.
Werkoff, F.
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Er-rbib H., Bouallou C., Werkoff F., 2012, Dry Reforming of Methane – Review of Feasibility Studies, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 29, 163-168.
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Starting from carbon dioxide and methane, the dry reforming of methane produces synthesis gas which is a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide. Although this concept has many environmental and economic incentives, unfortunately, there are no commercial processes for dry reforming of methane. In this paper a review of feasibility studies is presented. Firstly, a comparison between the steam reforming and the dry reforming of methane is performed as well as a study of the production of methanol and sulfur-free diesel from the dry reforming of methane.
Furthermore, a thermodynamic analysis is carried out by the method of equilibrium constants, for defining the thermodynamic limit and the optimum conditions.
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