Analysis of Dynamic Characteristics for Self-Heat Recuperative Process
Kansha, Y.
Kishimoto, A.
Tsutsumi, A.
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Kansha Y., Kishimoto A., Tsutsumi A., 2012, Analysis of Dynamic Characteristics for Self-Heat Recuperative Process, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 29, 307-312.
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Authors have recently developed an attractive technology; termed self-heat recuperation technology to reduce the energy consumption of chemical processes. In this technology, all of the self heat of the process stream is recirculated in the process without any heat addition. As a result, the energy consumption and exergy destruction of a process can be greatly reduced in the steady state. To apply and expand this technology to the industrial processes, it is necessary to design an operation system with investigation of their dynamics. For the first step to design the operation system, dynamic characteristics of self-heat recuperative processes has been investigated to achieve further energy saving and to investigate the stability of the process during operation by using dynamic simulation in this research.
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