RegiOpt Conceptual Planner - Identifying Possible Energy Network Solutions for Regions
Niemetz, N.
Kettl, K.-H.
Eder, M.
Narodoslawsky, M.
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Niemetz N., Kettl K.-H., Eder M., Narodoslawsky M., 2012, RegiOpt Conceptual Planner - Identifying Possible Energy Network Solutions for Regions, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 29, 517-522.
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Energy production systems are changing in its structure all over the world. The shift from fossil resources which are point sources to renewables is also forcing new ways of energy transformation. Because renewable resources are area dependent harvesting, logistics and also usage in small scale power plants are key areas of renewable based energy networks.
Regions are in the focus for the provision of energy carries like wood, cellulosic material and energy crops. Different regions have a variable setup of resource availability. RegiOpt tries to simulate possible energy network solutions based on the local conditions of every problem definition. The idea is to combine two proven tools to a single user friendly program. RegiOpt – Conceptual Planner (RegiOpt-CP) is a web based program which is intended to be used by regional actors and decision makers. It offers the possibility to get on a simple way an optimal energy technology structure based on PNS optimization. In addition the optimal solution is evaluated automatically with the SPI method and the results present the ecological footprint information. A continuous adjustment and variation of calculation values improves the capability of RegiOpt-CP for calculating a set of different scenarios which might be applicable for the specific region.
Because of the fact that not every technology can be used in each region and a huge set of technology options exists on the market, RegiOpt-CP offers objective technology network solutions to decision makers.
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