Dual-fuel Cycles to Increase the Efficiency of WtE Installations
Becidan, M.
Anantharaman, R.
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Becidan M., Anantharaman R., 2012, Dual-fuel Cycles to Increase the Efficiency of WtE Installations, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 29, 727-732.
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The overall efficiency of municipal waste incineration plants is significant lower (typically 20-24 %) compared to fossil fuel power plants (typically 40-60 %). It is however possible to increase the efficiency of the MSW incinerator by integration with other power plants. Typical power plants considered for such integration are gas turbines and gas engines. There are many possible integration schemes leading to designs with varying levels of complexity. This paper, a short literature overview, will discuss the efficiency improvement aspects of dual-fuel combined cycles involving MSW.
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