Evaluation of Hydrogen Sorption Enhanced Reforming with CO<sub>2</sub> Capture
Ochoa-Fernández, E.
Jensen, S.F.
Rytter, E.
Boerresen, B.T.
Krogh, B.
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Ochoa-Fernández E., Jensen S., Rytter E., Boerresen B., Krogh B., 2012, Evaluation of Hydrogen Sorption Enhanced Reforming with CO2 Capture, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 29, 991-996.
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Metal hydrides are evaluated as hydrogen sorbents in a hydrogen production process (HSER) which combines chemical reaction and hydrogen separation in a single step. Experimental tests results indicate that surface modifications could reduce undesirable interactions towards process gas.
A technical and economical evaluation of the HSER process including CO2 capture has been carried out and compared to conventional steam methane reforming (SMR). The technical evaluation of the HSER process shows potential for an increased energy efficiency compared to conventional SMR (80 % vs. 73 %).
The estimated cost of the HSER process appears to be somewhat higher than the conventional SMR process at this stage. This cost disadvantage could be reduced by more favorable conditions for CO2 capture, which has not been taken into account in the current study. However significant cost reductions for the HSER process would require novel reactor designs and/or improved hydrogen sorbent formulations with improved stability and capacity.
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