Steelmaking Integrated with a Polygeneration Plant for Improved Sustainability
Ghanbari, H.
Helle, M.
Pettersson, F.
Saxén, H.
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Ghanbari H., Helle M., Pettersson F., Saxén H., 2012, Steelmaking Integrated with a Polygeneration Plant for Improved Sustainability, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 29, 1033-1038.
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In this study, a process integration approach was used to investigate process economics and carbon dioxide emissions from a steelmaking plant. The suggested superstructure includes the main process units in steelmaking and a polygeneration system producing methanol, heat and electricity. In the steel plant, advanced blast furnace technologies such as top gas recycling and cold oxygen injection have been implemented. The effect of partially replacing of coke with alternative fuels with lower carbon barrier, such as oil, natural gas and biomass on liquid steel production cost and carbon dioxide emission from the integrated plant has been investigated. The results of the analysis demonstrate that an integration of steelmaking with a polygeneration system could increase the total energy efficiency and decrease the emissions of the system. The combinations of technologies and alternative fuels were found to reveal potential paths towards more sustainable steelmaking concepts.
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