Optimization of Water Network Integrated with Process Models
Deng, C.
Feng, X.
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Deng C., Feng X., 2012, Optimization of Water Network Integrated with Process Models, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 29, 1261-1266.
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In this paper, a novel approach for the synthesis of water network incorporated with process models is introduced. The process models are utilized to relate the process output (typically defined as internal water source) with process input (i.e. water sink). A generalized water network superstructure is developed to embed all possible process units and all the connections among resources, interceptors, process units and wastes. The problem is formulated as four optimization problems (minimum freshwater flow rate, intercepted flow rate, intercepted mass load and number of connections) and the four models are solved in sequence to locate the targets. A case study is presented to illustrate the applicability and effectiveness of the proposed approach.
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