Ammonia Refrigeration Cycle Integration in Buildings Heating System
Boldyryev, S.
Kapustenko, P.O.
Tovazhnyansky, L.L.
Garev, A.O.
Perevertaylenko, O.Yu.
Khavin, G.L.
Arsenyeva, O.P.
Klemeš, J.J.
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Boldyryev S., Kapustenko P., Tovazhnyansky L., Garev A., Perevertaylenko O., Khavin G., Arsenyeva O., Klemeš J., 2012, Ammonia Refrigeration Cycle Integration in Buildings Heating System, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 29, 1453-1458.
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This work investigates the possibility of ammonia low potential heat utilisation with use of Process Integration methodology. The two operation modes are considered. The first one is the use of ammonia gas super-heating and partly ammonia condensation. The low condensation temperature of ammonia is limiting the low potential heat usage. The second option is introduction of ammonia additional compression to increase the temperature of ammonia condensation. The low potential heat consumers are the hot water supply system, air pre-heating system and air heating for the fans.
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