Industrial Pasteurisation Process Improvement Possibilities
Macut, D.
Filipan, V.
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Macut D., Filipan V., 2012, Industrial Pasteurisation Process Improvement Possibilities, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 29, 1579-1584.
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In this paper the possibilities of improvements of an industrial process of subsequent pasteurisation were considered in a case study of a pasteurisation plant. The current process has extremely high operating costs, and the aim is therefore to consider the improvement possibilities and savings. Firstly the process was analyzed, and then possible measurements and calculations were provided. Simple mathematical model of the process was derived and verified. Several savings potentials and some real modification of the process are discussed and the results are summarized in the paper. Technically and economically optimal modification is proposed for the realization. The economic viability calculation of proposed system was carried out. Running costs are estimated and annual fresh water savings consumption is calculated. Taking into account the investment cost of equipment the payback period of the system is estimated.
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