EMSYS - Human Resources and Payroll Management Integrated Information System
Iancu, P.
Adamescu, D.
Plesu, V.
Dinu, G.
Arsene, C.
Nicola, S.
Gorunescu, L.E.
Gheorghe, C.N.
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Iancu P., Adamescu D., Plesu V., Dinu G., Arsene C., Nicola S., Gorunescu L., Gheorghe C., 2012, EMSYS - Human Resources and Payroll Management Integrated Information System, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 29, 1633-1638.
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This paper presents an overview of a new integrated information system for the management of large organizations as universities, dealing with payroll and human resources management (EMSYS HR & Payroll). It is designed for specialized units or complex profile organizations, including group architecture. In particular here is presented the implementation in University Politehnica of Bucharest. Updated legislation and economic-financial practices specific to the economic/academic environments are implemented. The system offers users multiple tools to design, configure and monitor payroll and human resources processes to insure state-of-art management. Architecture and design offer a strong, flexible and easy configurable system at user’s level, adapting permanently to organization's dynamic, business environment and legislation. EMSYS HR & Payroll is implemented for most difficult organizational and management models for Human Resources management. The main objectives are: it insures the development of human potential in order to optimize the professional performances, by using the most appropriate methods and labor means; set up of long and middle term strategic objectives, aiming to plan and organize human resources, attracting, obtaining and withholding workforce in organization, creating proper labor conditions, realizing job-employee accordance. Some functions implemented in the system allow setting up tactical-operational objectives, for daily activities. It provides functions to reward employees: job evaluation, performances evaluation, bonuses, appropriate benefits package, optimizing costs with human resources.
The functions implemented in this system ensure strong tools to design and configure requests specific to organization, flexible coding/recoding system such as any definition can be changed in any moment without perturbing the program. Strong tools protect personal data, creating a confidential environment between the factors involved in human resources and payroll management. All information related to employees or applicants are dynamically recorded. Specific functions address training planning and monitoring, career's management and top of career. The archives of employee’s information, payroll elements in net or gross amount, in any currency, at any exchange are well designed. There are functions related to payment rates: each employee can be paid in any day with another salary, hour/employee reimbursement based on a cost center; hour/employee reimbursement on order, any hour/employee can be differently paid on diverse criteria/algorithms, automatic highlight of payroll elements, associated taxes and holdings on cost centers, orders, employees. Tools are provided for the configuration by the user of the changes imposed by the human resources and payroll model of the company. Reporting activities can be realized in any currency, at any exchange; design and configure Taxes/Contributions. Special tools are provided to design human resources and payroll documents, to generate final deliverables for payments approval, to generate statistic reports regarding unity/employee. Exchange of data with other systems is considered by strong Export/Import. Advanced integration with other information systems is given for: EMSYS Financial and Banking Systems.
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