Electronic Document Management Information System for Universities
Costoiu, M.
Plesu, V.
Isopescu, R.
Soriga, S.G.
Alesincu, S.H.
Arsene, I.
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Costoiu M., Plesu V., Isopescu R., Soriga S., Alesincu S., Arsene I., 2012, Electronic Document Management Information System for Universities, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 29, 1639-1644.
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Efficient administration of funds and thorough correlation of diverse activities are required in the management of Higher Education institutions, as is the case of University Politehnica of Bucharest. The electronic document management information system implemented in our University is continuously up-graded in order to provide a tool for an efficient management.
A preliminary identification was performed in order to take into account all the aspects referring to the numerous documents in circulation in the University and the problems raised by the necessity that some supported documents should be digitised. The document management platform in University Politehnica of Bucharest, SUNIDOC, is based on customised software created by the company SIVECO Romania, one of the major IT software companies in Romania, with important expertise in this field. The application for document and workflow management develops the following mechanisms (i) integration of the document and workflow management system with an Optical Character Recognition system; (ii) integration of an advanced engine for reports generation; (iii) features for bulk import of documents; (iv) integration of a workflow engine able to provide a process and rules engine.
The document management system was tested for documents specific to Human Resources Department and Research Centres in University Politehnica of Bucharest.
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