Influence of the Effective Parameters on H<sub>2</sub>:CO Ratio of Syngas at Low-Temperature Gasification
Ravaghi-Ardebili, Z.
Manenti, F.
Pirola, C.
Soares, F.
Corbetta, M.
Pierucci, S.
Ranzi, E.
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Ravaghi-Ardebili Z., Manenti F., Pirola C., Soares F., Corbetta M., Pierucci S., Ranzi E., 2014, Influence of the Effective Parameters on H2:CO Ratio of Syngas at Low-Temperature Gasification, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 37, 253-258.
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The current research study presents a comprehensive mathematical model of gasification to investigate and assess the influence of effective operating parameters on gasifier performance in the low-temperature operation, relying on a detailed kinetic scheme and a multi-scale and multi-phase gasification reactor model. Since the syngas produced from the gasification process would be used for the chemical production purposes (such as Methanol, DME, etc.), therefore, the ratio of H2:CO is selected for evaluation as a benchmark of effectiveness. Furthermore, the ratio of CO:CO2 is considered as a scale of assessing index of the completion of the process in low-temperature operation regarding to gasification and combustion processes. The model is validated with experimental data from elsewhere. The remarkable aim of this activity is to analyse the effect of different parameters with respect to H2:CO ratio to improve and sustain the process in low-temperature conditions. The detailed and extended discussions of this objective are presented in further works of the authors.
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