H<sub>2</sub> Production from Bioethanol and its Use in Fuel-Cells
Rossetti, I.
Lasso, J.
Compagnoni, M.
De Guido, G.
Pellegrini, L.
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Rossetti I., Lasso J., Compagnoni M., De Guido G., Pellegrini L., 2015, H2 Production from Bioethanol and its Use in Fuel-Cells, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 43, 229-234.
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Bioethanol was considered as raw material for hydrogen production by steam reforming, coupled with a proton exchange membrane fuel cell for heat and power cogeneration (5 kWelectrical + 5 kWthermal). The water/ethanol feeding ratio and the ethanol purity were considered for process optimisation. An increase of the water/ethanol ratio improved H2 yield at the expenses of higher heat input to the reformer and lower electrical output. However, the presence of a high enthalpy exhaust stream increased the available thermal output, with a consequent increase of the thermal and overall efficiency of the plant. Finally, the bioethanol purification step, which is energy- and cost-intensive, has been taken into account, searching for an optimisation of the bioethanol purification strategy for the overall process intensification.
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