Property Estimation of Commercial Ecological Gasoline
Patrascioiu, C.
Doicin, B.
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Patrascioiu C., Doicin B., 2015, Property Estimation of Commercial Ecological Gasoline, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 43, 247-252.
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The paper presents the problem of the property estimation of commercial ecological gasoline. Biofuels are the components that are obtained from renewable sources and which are blended into the commercial gasoline in certain proportions. Among these, bioethanol has a number of advantages, compared to classic fuels, thing that recommends it among its most promising substitutes. The blending model needed the experimental determination to be validated. The laboratory experiments have determinate: a) physical properties for four components used to obtain commercial gasoline (FCC gasoline, reformer gasoline, izopentane and bioethanol); b) physical properties of 60 blends with known composition, using the four components studied earlier. The determined properties are: Research and Motor Octane Number, final boiling point, benzene content, vapor pressure, olefin hydrocarbons content, aromatic hydrocarbons content, density and oxygen content. All the aforementioned properties were determined using IROX 2000 device. The validation of the model was made by comparing the estimated properties with the experimental properties, using the 60 experimental data. The maximum estimation error was 1.62 %, error associated to the Motor Octane Number.
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