Photocatalytic Applications with TiO<sub>2</sub>-Zeolites Composites Anchored on Ceramic Tiles
Sarno, G.
Vaiano, V.
Sannino, D.
Ciambelli, P.
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Sarno G., Vaiano V., Sannino D., Ciambelli P., 2015, Photocatalytic Applications with TiO2-Zeolites Composites Anchored on Ceramic Tiles, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 43, 985-990.
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In this work, to increase the self-cleaning properties, TiO2/zeolite composite was supported on ceramic tiles. Functionalized tiles were prepared by a sol-gel process. Photocatalytic tests were performed at ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure using a properly designed steel reactor with a pyrex window. The irradiation of photoreactor was realized by four UV lamps. For photocatalytic activity test an aqueous solution with a 5 ppm concentration of Methylene Blue (MB) was used.
Characterization results evidenced that the deposition method is able to induce the formation of anatase TiO2 strongly interacting with the tile surface without modifying the aesthetic properties of the ceramic tiles. The presence of zeolite increased the MB adsorption ability enhancing the photocatalytic performances.
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