Modified Swiss Cheese Model to Analyse the Accidents
Ahmad, M.
Pontiggia, M.
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Ahmad M., Pontiggia M., 2015, Modified Swiss Cheese Model to Analyse the Accidents, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 43, 1237-1242.
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Human and organizational factor (HOF) can lead to accidents in process industries, but at the same time HOF can also be used as a safety barrier in order to optimize the existing resources.
This paper illustrates the idea to use the revised Swiss cheese model to study an accidental situation, since this new model can provide a better understanding of the system with respect to automatic and manual safety barriers. Afterwards, accidental scenario (i.e. Top Event) can be analyzed by using the Bow-tie analysis. However, in this paper only the descriptive analysis of accidental scenario has been provided using Bow-tie analysis.
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