S-Cl-Na-K Chemistry During MSW Gasification: a Thermodynamic Study
Becidan, M.
Houshfar, E.
Wang, L.
Lundstrom, P.
Grimshaw, A.
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Becidan M., Houshfar E., Wang L., Lundstrom P., Grimshaw A., 2015, S-Cl-Na-K Chemistry During MSW Gasification: a Thermodynamic Study, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 43, 2011-2016.
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This succinct thermodynamic study addresses the gasification chemistry (air/fuel ratio of 0.5) of four chemical elements involved in ash-related challenges, i.e. Na, K, S and Cl. At typical temperatures for the process studied, the following main trends have been observed: (1) the phase distribution of these elements may change abruptly, i.e. within a narrow temperature range; (2) the main practical outcome of point 1 is that it will be difficult to optimise a given process giving the versatility of chemistry vs temperature but stable operating conditions are preferable. Methods exist to abate ash-related challenges but their selection should include both practical and economic considerations.
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