Consequences of Liquid Tank Explosions Caused by Lava Flow
Ancione, G.
Milazzo, M.F.
Lisi, R.
Maschio, G.
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Ancione G., Milazzo M., Lisi R., Maschio G., 2015, Consequences of Liquid Tank Explosions Caused by Lava Flow, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 43, 2071-2076.
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This contribution aims at the study of technological accidents triggered by natural phenomena, so-called Na-Techs (Natural Technological events). In particular the focus is on those triggered by volcanic events. The impact of eruptions is significant in the Southern Italian territory, where the volcano Etna is located. Volcanic eruptions could threat structures, critical infrastructure, lifelines and human health. Even if volcanic eruptions are less frequent and devastating than earthquakes, they give high potential risks for population. In this context, local emergency plans have to be extended to protect people and structures also from Na-Tech hazards. An event occurred in Sicily in 2002, which was an explosion of a liquid tank involved in a lava flow during an eruption of Mt. Etna, addressed towards the need to analyse such Na-Tech scenarios with the aim to include them within the emergency plans.
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