Enhanced Feedstock Recycling of Post-Consumer Plastic Waste
Akah, A.
Hernandez-Martinezb, J.
Rallan, C.
Garforth, A.
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Akah A., Hernandez-Martinezb J., Rallan C., Garforth A., 2015, Enhanced Feedstock Recycling of Post-Consumer Plastic Waste, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 43, 2395-2400.
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Feedstock recycling of waste plastics is becoming more crucial as a method to convert plastics back into a source of useful platform chemicals. Although thermal cracking presents easier options, the products have limited utility and present a higher energy burden than the method proposed in this paper, that of catalytic hydrocracking a mildly exothermic process. This paper reports the use of metal loaded zeolite catalysts at much reduced temperatures (200 °C - 350 °C) to convert mixed plastic waste at significantly shorter reaction times (typically 5 min), making the continuous processing of polymer waste a possibility.
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