Experimental Investigation on Concentration Profiles and Fluctuations of Dense Gases in Wind Tunnel
Gaggero, M.
Reverberi, A.
Fabiano, B.
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Gaggero M., Reverberi A., Fabiano B., 2015, Experimental Investigation on Concentration Profiles and Fluctuations of Dense Gases in Wind Tunnel, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 43, 2491-2496.
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One of the most frequent accident scenario following a loss of containment during HazMat transportation or processing is represented by the dispersion of a dense gas release. Several dispersion models are available to this purpose, more or less rigorously accounting for gravity slumping, air entrainment and possible heat transfer. Under confined geometry, the correct evaluation of possible concentration fluctuations represent an up-to-date research topic, both considering the process sector and a peculiar application represented by operating theaters for surgery. In this last context, the use of heavier than air gas is usually performed for anaesthetic application, while few validation data are available on the dispersion behavior following a fugitive emission and exposure of persons inside the enclosure. On these bases, the experimental phase of this paper was performed in a laboratory-scale wind tunnel of circular section, under different Reynolds number regimes, considering a continuous release scenario of two tracer gases, namely carbon dioxide and sulphur hexafluoride, at different low release rates. A detailed study on concentration fluctuations and time series is presented yielding reliable information on the influence of the different source types and flow rates. Conclusions are drawn on practical feasibility and application of the experimental results, in view of safe optimization of the design and mode of operation of ventilation systems in the considered settings.
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