Biotechnological Strategies of Pseudomonas Fluorescens Growth on Dibenzothiophene
Silva, T.
Silva, M.L.
Garrard, I.
Tambourgi, E.B.
Campos Takaki, G.
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Silva T., Silva M., Garrard I., Tambourgi E., Campos Takaki G., 2016, Biotechnological Strategies of Pseudomonas Fluorescens Growth on Dibenzothiophene, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 49, 541-546.
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The growth kinetics of a bacterium of the strain Pseudomonas fluorescens UCP 1514, which is indigenous in soil, has been investigated in batch cultures containing dibenzothiophene. In this paper the potential of the bacterium, when grown in medium with high concentration of dibenzothiophene and its potential for biodegradation were analyzed. The microorganism was grown in medium Luria Bertani – agar medium with 10mM of dibenzothiophene during 24 hours, to select acclimated colonies. After selection of the colonies, the microorganism was maintained in liquid medium with 2 mM of DBT dissolved in dimethylformamide. The kinetics of growth was evaluated through viability and pH. The results showed that the microorganism was able to metabolize DBT. The colonies physiologically adapted that grew on DBT, by DNA amplification using the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) technique and the specific primer BOX have also been identified.
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