Insulation Material from Rice Husk Granule
Haryati, S.
Mohadi, R.
Syah, K.
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Haryati S., Mohadi R., Syah K., 2017, Insulation Material from Rice Husk Granule, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 56, 571-576.
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This research aims to investigate the composition of the rice husk granule (RHG) with high silica content as an insulting material. The ratio of the rice husk ash (RHA) with other supporting material has been varied to produce the RHG with higher silica content. Three RHG samples using 87.09 wt % (Sample A), 87.72 wt % (Sample B), and 88.28 wt % RHA (Sample C) were formulated with other supporting materials. The performance of the RHG samples was analyzed by the scanning electron microscope with energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (SEM- EDX), thermo gravimetric analysis (TGA) and thermal conductivity. The results indicated that the RHG Sample C (88.28 wt % RHA, 9.29 wt % of bentonite and 2.41 wt % exfoliated graphite) with the maximum amount of silica content (86.74 %) showed the desirable properties as insulting material, i.e. with the highest onset temperature (414.15 ?C) by the TGA and the lowest thermal conductivity (0.0746 W/m.K).
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