Energy Analysis of Agricultural Labor
Kasumov, N.
Mozhaev, E.
Kasumova, S.
Slesarenko, S.
Kasumova, N.
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Kasumov N., Mozhaev E., Kasumova S., Slesarenko S., Kasumova N., 2017, Energy Analysis of Agricultural Labor , Chemical Engineering Transactions, 58, 49-54.
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As is well known, sustainable development of agriculture depends on price parity between its products and various sectors of the economy. The basis of pricing must be the amount of useful human energy to produce goods and services. On the example of agriculture, we conducted an energy analysis of the labor and calculated the cost of energy for different categories of workers depending on gender, weight, age and physical activity. The results can be used to eliminate the disparity of prices in the economy.
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