Two Steps Arundo Donax L. Harvesting in South Italy
Faugno, S.
Quaquarelli, I.
Civitarese, V.
Crimaldi, M.
Sannino, M.
Ricciardiello, G.
Caracciolo, G.
Assirelli, A.
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Faugno S., Quaquarelli I., Civitarese V., Crimaldi M., Sannino M., Ricciardiello G., Caracciolo G., Assirelli A., 2017, Two Steps Arundo Donax L. Harvesting in South Italy , Chemical Engineering Transactions, 58, 265-270.
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The aim of this study was to evaluate the performance of two-pass harvesting system on giant reed (Arundo donax). The biomass was shredded, dried in the field and baled for logistic chain and storage. The first step was cutting and grinding biomass crops with a specific shredder rear-mounted on an agricultural tractor. Subsequently, after some days of drying in the field monitoring continuously its moisture content, the Arundo biomass was collected in round-bales for storage.
This harvesting system presents the following advantages: immediate and long biomass storage (12-14 % or lower moisture content), better use of farm mechanization for hay making, diversified use of the dried biomass (combustion and II° generation ethanol), reduced fuel consumption (in line or even lower than other ordinary crops present in that area).
The tests carried out showed the technical and energy features of the harvest technology based on the adoption of only one specific shredder machine, designed and developed by an Italian constructor for more biomass herbaceous crops (Arundo, Sorghum, Panicum, Mischantus, etc). This machine is suitable for highly vegetative developed crops and can spread the product in all soil surface or windrows.
The tests, conducted in the South of Italy (Campania region) in an experimental farm of Torre Lama, showed a good system performance, slightly lower than 1.5 ha h-1 (1.47), with 4.88 km h-1operative speed.
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