Enhancement of Cantilever Beams with Fibre-Reinforcement Plastic
Fucheng, Wang
Shujuan, Yi
Zhe, Feng
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Fucheng W., Shujuan Y., Zhe F., 2018, Enhancement of Cantilever Beams with Fibre-Reinforcement Plastic, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 64, 85-90.
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This paper aims to design a feasible procedure of fibre-reinforcement plastic (FRP) enhancement. To this end, the author reviewed the development history of the FRP, and summarized the two common methods of FRP enhancement, namely, the embedded FRP enhancement and external bonding. Based on these methods, an FRP enhancement plan was developed for enhancing the cantilever beams of a balcony in Daqing, China. The mathematical calculations and enhancement steps of the plan were introduced in great details. The case study proves that FRP materials can prolong the service life of concrete structures and reduce the engineering cost. The research findings shed new light on the application of the FRP in the engineering field.
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