Smart Polyelectrolyte Hydrogels: a Novel Platform for Drug Delivery
Casolaro, M.
Casolaro, I.
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Casolaro M., Casolaro I., 2018, Smart Polyelectrolyte Hydrogels: a Novel Platform for Drug Delivery, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 64, 187-192.
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Three kinds of vinyl hydrogels with a-aminoacid residues have been considered as potential platforms for the deliver of several therapies (pain, diabetes, and mood) when loaded with appropriate drugs. The presence of ionizable groups of the L-valine, L-phenylalanine and L-histidine residues is able to modify the swelling properties of the hydrogel on the basis of its pKa values. A greater basicity constant of the functional groups improves a greater loading of the drug and a longer sustained-release pattern due to a strong polymer-drug ionic interaction. This occurs for the insulin and the paroxetine loaded on carboxylate hydrogels, and diclofenac loaded on zwitterionic hydrogels. The pH stimulation improves the swelling of the hydrogel and increases ‘on demand’ the drug availability. A further remote stimulus based on alternating magnetic fields (AMF) on hydrogels containing embedded magnetic nanoparticles (CoFe2O4) allows a greater release rate of insulin and paroxetine for several pulses at physiological pH.
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