Biomass Quantity and Structure Distribution in Pinus Massoniana Forest
Hongwei, Zhen
Pengyuan, Si
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Hongwei Z., Pengyuan S., 2018, Biomass Quantity and Structure Distribution in Pinus Massoniana Forest, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 65, 163-168.
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Pinus massoniana forest is an important tree species for protection forest. In this paper, we take the Pinus massoniana forest in Luotian County as the study object, and adopt the plot sampling method to study the vegetation composition, vegetation biomass and vegetation diversity in horizontal and vertical spaces in pinus massoniana forest with different percentages. The results from the analysis show that, in pinus massoniana forest, the total biomass has a correlation with the community vegetation diversity, that is, it is positively correlated to the shrub layer biomass and negatively correlated to the herb layer biomass; the total biomass in the forest, the biomass n every layer of the vertical space are both negatively proportional to soil bulk density, positively proportional to soil porosity, and has a significantly positive correlation with soil organic matter and available phosphorus content; other chemical indicators such as PH, total nitrogen, and total potassium, etc, show an insignificant correlation with it. These fruits provide a reference for the ecological structure and ecological assessment of the forest area.
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