Odor Source Localization based on Wireless Sensor Network
Jia, Junrong
Zhou, Zhinan
Liu, Zhiqun
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Jia J., Zhou Z., Liu Z., 2018, Odor Source Localization based on Wireless Sensor Network, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 68, 163-168.
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The wireless sensor network, which has a low cost, low energy consumption and wide coverage, is currently involved in many interdisciplines, and becomes a hot research field with rich knowledge contents. It has more broad application prospects in the odor source localization research, and is of great significance to promote people’s emergency response capacity. This paper studies the application of wireless sensor network in odor source location by plume model and locating algorithm, and carries out a simulation experiment. The experimental results show that the number of sensor nodes and the scope of environments influence the estimation of odor source location. Among them, as the number of sensor nodes increases, positioning errors decrease. However, when the number of nodes exceeds 20, the locating errors tend to be moderate. With the expansion of environmental ranges, the number of sensor nodes required to obtain stable estimation results is increasing, and errors occurred before the stability also tend to increase. When the number of nodes is limited, the sensor node can be combined with the autonomous mobile robot to carry out simple movement, and an effective estimation of odor source location can also be carried out.
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