Bluetooth Electronic Nose for Odour Monitoring and Control
Suarez Marcelo, Jose Ignacio
Lozano Rogado, Jesus
Arroyo Munoz, Patricia
Herrero Agustin Jose, Luis
Carmona Del Barco, Pablo
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Suarez Marcelo J. I., Lozano Rogado J., Arroyo Munoz P., Herrero Agustin Jose L., Carmona Del Barco P., 2018, Bluetooth Electronic Nose for Odour Monitoring and Control, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 68, 211-216.
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A novel miniaturized and battery operated electronic nose (60x60 mm) for measuring different odorous compounds is presented in this paper. It can be connected with any smart device or personal computer through a Bluetooth link, which is used for commands and measurement data exchange based on a simple protocol. The system is controlled by a high performance 8-bit microcontroller and includes four miniaturized metal oxide (MOX) sensors for odour detection, an integrated sensor for temperature and humidity measurement, and the appropriate signal conditioning circuits.
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