Determination and Distribution of Indoor off-Odor Pollutants
Hao, Zhanguo
Su, Xiaoming
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Hao Z., Su X., 2018, Determination and Distribution of Indoor off-Odor Pollutants, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 68, 475-480.
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This paper aims to study the indoor off-odor determination and distribution law using literature analysis, experiment detection and inductive generalization. With reference to literature on relevant VOCs at home and abroad, the concentrations and pollution properties of contaminants such as benzene series, formaldehyde and TVOC are analyzed against their sources and classification of odd odors often given off from the indoor air by tracking detection on samples, for example, in the Shenzhen’s houses newly renovated or for more than two years. On this basis, the study traces the distribution law of odd odor pollutants indoors in decoration and life pollution phases.
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