Novel Model for Separation Efficiency of Packed Distillation Columns
Rejl, Frantisek
Valenz, Lukas
Haidl, Jan
Moucha, Tomas
Cmelikova, Tereza
Petricek, Radim
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Rejl F., Valenz L., Haidl J., Moucha T., Cmelikova T., Petricek R., 2018, Novel Model for Separation Efficiency of Packed Distillation Columns, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 69, 67-72.
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We present a novel approach to the determination of the distillation packed bed height utilizing procedure involving new mass-transfer and hydrodynamics models for structured packings. Our approach is based on: a) advanced analyses of the distillation data utilizing composition profiles (instead of HETP); b) measurement and separation of the non-ideal hydrodynamics influence on the packed bed efficiency; c) utilization of the data acquired with proven absorption test methods with non-air (kG) and non-aqueous (kL) systems. The parameters of the here presented model are derived from the experimental data acquired with i.d. 150 mm distillation & absorption column and might be modified and supplemented when industrial scale experimental data and data for more packing types are available.
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