Univolatility Curves in Ternary Mixtures: Topology and Bifurcation
Shcherbakova, Nataliya
Rodriguez Donis, Ivonne
Abildskov, Jens
Gerbaud, Vincent
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Shcherbakova N., Rodriguez Donis I., Abildskov J., Gerbaud V., 2018, Univolatility Curves in Ternary Mixtures: Topology and Bifurcation, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 69, 73-78.
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The topological structure of univolatility curves of ternary homogeneous mixtures is derived from the boiling temperature and univolatility hypersurfaces geometry. The key point is the concept of the generalized univolatility curve in the 3D state space, which allows putting in evidence the bifurcation mechanism of the sets of the univolatility curves and to tune-up an efficient numerical algorithm for their computation by a simple integration of a system of ordinary differential equations. Two examples of different two types of bifurcation are presented by varying pressure in order to modify the topology of the ternary residue curve map.
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