Bench-Scale Study for CO<sub>2</sub> Capture Using AMP/PZ/Water Mixtures
Patil, Mayurkumar
Vaidya, Prakash
Kenig, Eugeny
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Patil M., Vaidya P., Kenig E., 2018, Bench-Scale Study for CO2 Capture Using AMP/PZ/Water Mixtures, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 69, 163-168.
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In the present study, the efficacy of CO2 capture by aqueous AMP/PZ mixtures was studied in a closed-loop absorber-desorber system. The two columns were operated at 313 and 383 K. Inside the absorber, the liquid was circulated at a flow rate of 4 L/h, while gas (CO2-N2 mixture, CO2 12 mol%) was fed at varying flow rates (0.88-1.25 m3/h). Material and energy balances were performed. The rich and lean loading of the liquid was 0.61 and 0.21 mol CO2/mol amine, and the extent of CO2 removal from the gas phase was 85%. The energy required to regenerate the liquid (3.78 MJ/kg CO2) was reduced by 3.4% when the heat exchange between the rich and lean amine solutions in a counter-current contact was realised.
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