Improving the Performance of Towers with Random Packing
Nieuwoudt, Izak
Quotson, Patrick
Juarez, Juan
Yeh, Norman
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Nieuwoudt I., Quotson P., Juarez J., Yeh N., 2018, Improving the Performance of Towers with Random Packing, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 69, 511-516.
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Random packing is generally the preferred mass transfer device in towers operating at elevated pressure and/or high liquid rates. The performance of these towers can be improved by using modern random packing with increased capacity or efficiency. INTALOX ULTRA random packing can be used to achieve efficiency or capacity benefits compared to IMTP and other random packing types. In the demethanizer and gas absorber applications discussed in this paper the operating companies were able to significantly increase the capacity of their units without sacrificing separation performance. This allowed operating companies to increase the capacity of their towers by replacing IMTP random packing with INTALOX ULTRA random packing.
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