Operational Optimisation for Hybrid Membrane-Distillation Systems
Etoumi, Asma E.
Jobson, Megan
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Etoumi A.E., Jobson M., 2018, Operational Optimisation for Hybrid Membrane-Distillation Systems , Chemical Engineering Transactions, 70, 457-462.
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Hybrid membrane-distillation systems are reported to be an energy-efficient separation processes compared to conventional distillation process; especially for separating close-boiling mixtures. However, several optimization methods are available and can be applied to find a cost-effective design and operation of hybrid membrane-distillation systems. This work evaluates the hybrid system design in terms of energy and compares the performance (i.e. the accuracy and computational efficiency) of stochastic optimisation method (Simulated Annealing) and deterministic method (Pattern search method) for optimisation of process operating conditions. The parallel hybrid membrane-distillation system for the separation of ethylene-ethane mixture is selected for analysis. The decision variables manipulated for the optimisation are the stage cut and permeate pressure. Results show that pattern search is faster than Simulated Annealing but that is more able to find the close-global results. The difference between the optimal result found by Simulated Annealing and pattern search is about 0.02 % for the total operating costs, 0.3 % for the stage cut and 5 % for the permeate pressure. These findings suggest that it is possible to use deterministic method for optimisation complex system. However, to locate an optimal solution and increase confidence in the result, a variety of initial points should be tested.
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