Recent Developments of Water Footprint Methodology
Wang, Xuechao
Klemes, Jiri J.
Walmsley, Timothy G.
Wang, Yutao
Yu, Huajun
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Wang X., Klemes J.J., Walmsley T.G., Wang Y., Yu H., 2018, Recent Developments of Water Footprint Methodology , Chemical Engineering Transactions, 70, 511-516.
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Pressure humanity is facing from environment-related problems has been increasing in the past decades. A comprehensive and effective approach for environment protection management has been the top priority. Water footprint (WF) provides a good methodology to assess the environment related problem and address the challenges. In the last several years the Web of Science has witnessed that WF-related publications have significantly increased. The research in WF has become mature and linked with a growing number of topics. The “WF-Energy”, “WF-Carbon Emissions (CE)” (mainly CO2) and “WF-Nitrogen Emissions (NE)” (mainly NOx) were selected and proposed as recent hot topics. This paper analyses current and future development trends in WF.
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