Assessment of Alternative and Local Energy Resources Potential of the Tomsk Region
Dmitriev, Alexandr V.
Kupressova, Ekaterina A.
Romanenko, Sergey V.
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Dmitriev A.V., Kupressova E.A., Romanenko S.V., 2018, Assessment of Alternative and Local Energy Resources Potential of the Tomsk Region , Chemical Engineering Transactions, 70, 997-1002.
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There is a significant number of decentralized energy sources in the energy system of the Tomsk region (Russia). Heat supply sources are represented by boiler houses on solid (coal, wood, chips) and liquid fuel (oil). Besides technical factors, such as high percentage of wear of equipment used for power supply, low efficiency of energy production, loss of heat energy in transfer, there are important economic problem in the decentralized energy producing in the Tomsk region.
High cost of fuel transportation to remote settlements determines high tariffs for heat and electricity supply, which makes it necessary to provide subsidies for the population. A decision system has been developed to switch decentralized heat sources with low energy consumption to local and renewable fuels in the region. The scheme takes into account the practical use of long-term studies of local and renewable energy sources potential in the Tomsk region. Results of the work of scientists and the Administration of the Tomsk Region are presented in Geo-information system (2018). Pollutants emission into atmosphere (including greenhouse gas) are one of important indicators for energy and decision-making policy (Klemeš et al., 2017a). In this way, key objects for modernization and key types of fuel for new / modernized decentralized heat supply sources of low power are determined.
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