Benchmarking for Refinery Units
Kanischev, Maxim V.
Ulyev, Leonid M.
Chibisov, Roman E.
Vasilyev, Mikhail A.
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Kanischev M.V., Ulyev L.M., Chibisov R.E., Vasilyev M.A., 2018, Benchmarking for Refinery Units , Chemical Engineering Transactions, 70, 1099-1104.
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The new Benchmarking methodology (Anselm) is based on the Pinch Analysis, statistical analysis and analysis of the best available technologies presented in this paper. Using the Pinch Analysis, 12 energy efficiency indexes were developed. The data obtained as a result of Pinch Analysis was processed by statistical methods. Dependencies that allow to identify the energy saving potential in oil refining processes without a detailed survey were obtained. An approach is proposed in which it is justified that only an economic evaluation of the proposed solutions to reduce gaps shows the most profitable way to increase the energy efficiency of enterprises. Anselm makes it possible to decompose all possible costly measures related to increasing energy efficiency or reducing emissions. This approach permits to propose a list of conditionally independent projects in different areas of activity and to propose projects according to the criterion of maximum energy efficiency or economic feasibility, in accordance with economic prerequisites. This paper gives an example of calculating the energy efficiency index (Anselm) for ten primary petroleum refining process.
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