Aluminum Foam based Catalysts for the CO-WGS Reaction
Palma, Vincenzo
Martino, Marco
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Palma V., Martino M., 2018, Aluminum Foam based Catalysts for the CO-WGS Reaction , Chemical Engineering Transactions, 70, 1225-1230.
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In this paper, a comparative study between two structured catalysts, prepared by washcoating of highly conductive Aluminum foams, tested for the Water Gas Shift reaction, was presented. The procedure for the preparation of the catalysts was described, as well as the results of the characterizations and of the activity tests. The good resistance, to the mechanical stress, of the washcoated foams was highlighted from the low losses at the ultrasound adherence test. The effectiveness of the noble metal-based formulation was highlighted from the good performance of the catalysts, moreover the concrete possibility to realize a process intensification, was justified by showing the results of additional experiments, carried out at high gas hourly space velocity.
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