Investigation of Heat Loss from the Housing of Compressor
Wernik, Jacek
Grabowski, Mirosław
Wołosz, Krzysztof J.
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Wernik J., Grabowski M., Wołosz K.J., 2018, Investigation of Heat Loss from the Housing of Compressor , Chemical Engineering Transactions, 70, 1489-1494.
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Based on the physical model in COMSOL Multiphysics package, a 3D model of the compressor has been developed. Heat is generated mainly by the electric motor and is discharged the air that surrounds the device through free convection from the housing and radiator.
The experimental method (laboratory test) consisted of temperature measurements of the compressor components with the FLIR SC7000 thermal imaging camera. Heat losses were calculated using literature derived correlations. Heat transfer coefficients were determined by through the experimental study. The determination of convective heat transfer coefficients was of particular importance in defining the appropriate boundary conditions for the simulations.
The results of the numerical simulations were compared with the results of the thermovision analyses. The use of thermovision analyses allows for validation of the simulation results. In the result, heat losses were determined.
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