Fuels from Natural Fatty Acid Esters
Varga, Geza
Eller, Zoltan
Hollo, Andras
Hancsok, Jeno
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Varga G., Eller Z., Hollo A., Hancsok J., 2018, Fuels from Natural Fatty Acid Esters , Chemical Engineering Transactions, 70, 1591-1596.
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Fuel production from different alternative sources becomes more and more important. One of the sustainable solutions is its production from waste lards (what are proven renewable sources) via different catalytic processes. During our experimental work we studied the catalytic transformation possibilities of (partially) pre-treated waste lard (product from protein plant) and rapeseed oil mixture to fuels. Esterification of fatty acids and following transesterification of triglycerides to fatty acid-methyl-esters (FAME) on acidic ion exchange resin and with K-methylate was studied. The feedstock was converted to i-/n-paraffin mixture with hydrogenation (NiMo/Al2O3P) and isomerisation (Pt/SAPO-11/Al2O3). The effect of the process parameters on the yield and quality of the products were studied. The obtained product yield approached the theoretical yield – FAME: 85 – 86 %, isoparaffin mixture: 84 – 86 % - in case of 30 % pre-treated waste lard containing rapeseed oil feedstock. The quality properties of the isoparaffin mixture were much better. Besides that, in case of i-/n-paraffin mixture with wide boiling range could be fractionated partially to jet fuel and diesel fuel (satisfying the standards ASTM D-7566-13 and EN 590:2017). These fractions could be excellent blending components of these fuels (adapting product flexibility for market demands).
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