Sustainable Design and Synthesis of Shale Gas Processing and Chemical Manufacturing Processes
Gong, Jian
You, Fengqi
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Gong J., You F., 2018, Sustainable Design and Synthesis of Shale Gas Processing and Chemical Manufacturing Processes , Chemical Engineering Transactions, 70, 1729-1734.
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In this work, we propose a superstructure of integrated shale gas processing and chemical manufacturing processes with 51,840 alternative possible process designs. The superstructure consists of eight sections, namely acid gas removal, dehydration, NGLs recovery, NGLs separation, hydrocarbons conversion, light olefins separation, C4 separation, and acid gas disposal. For the steam cracking reactions in the hydrocarbons conversion section, we optimize the product distributions of steam cracking of ethane, propane, n-butane, and i-butane. Extensive process simulations are performed for all the involved processes in the superstructure in order to collect high-fidelity process data and develop detailed process models for the technology/process alternatives in the superstructure. Next, we propose a multiobjective mixed-integer nonlinear programming (MINLP) superstructure optimization model with five groups of constraints, namely superstructure network configuration constraints, mass balance constraints, energy balance constraints, techno-economic evaluation constraints, environmental impact assessment constraints. Three objective functions are maximizing the net present value per GJ of raw shale gas, minimizing the global warming potential per GJ of raw shale gas, and minimizing the water footprint per GJ of raw shale gas, respectively. A tailored global optimization algorithm is applied to efficiently solve the resulting nonconvex MINLP problem. The application of the proposed framework is illustrated through a case study based on a Marcellus shale gas feed.
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