Selective Polyoxide Catalysts for Synthesis of Ethylene from Natural Gas
Tungatarova, Svetlana A.
Zheksenbaeva, Zauresh T.
Baizhumanova, Tolkyn S.
Zhumabek, Manapkhan
Sarsenova, Rabiga O.
Kaumenova, Gulnar
Massalimova, Bakytgul
Shorayeva, Kamshat A.
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Tungatarova S.A., Zheksenbaeva Z.T., Baizhumanova T.S., Zhumabek M., Sarsenova R.O., Kaumenova G., Massalimova B., Shorayeva K.A., 2018, Selective Polyoxide Catalysts for Synthesis of Ethylene from Natural Gas , Chemical Engineering Transactions, 70, 1927-1932.
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Processing of the methane of natural gas into important hydrocarbons, oxygen-containing products and motor fuels has become one of the major problems of chemistry. The degree of chemical processing of natural gas in valuable products remains at a low level, and a significant portion of associated petroleum gas is burned in flares in the fields. This leads to an irreparable loss of valuable raw materials and generates complex environmental problems in the mining regions. Oxidative condensation of methane, steam and steam-oxygen conversion, dry reforming and tri-reforming of methane attract a great attention in recent years. Catalysts based on Si-W heteropoly compounds supported on carriers were investigated in oxidative condensation of methane to ethylene. Determination of the effect of reaction parameters, the nature of catalyst on composition and distribution of products were carried out. Supporting of Si-W heteropoly compounds on aluminosilicate does not destroy the Keggin molecular structure and increases its thermal stability. Thus, effective catalysts for the production of ethylene from methane have been developed.
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