Preparation and Properties of Sandalwood Essential Oil Microcapsules in Detergents
Ma, Lin
Lin, Qirong
Lei, Dandan
Liu, Shan
Song, Yuhua
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Ma L., Lin Q., Lei D., Liu S., Song Y., 2018, Preparation and Properties of Sandalwood Essential Oil Microcapsules in Detergents, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 71, 7-12.
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Sandalwood essential oil can be used to flavour and perfume detergents and cleansers, but it is volatile and unstable. In this experiment, the molecular inclusion-complex method using the ß-cyclodextrin as the wall material, was adopted to encapsulate the sandalwood essential oil, and prepare the sandalwood essential oil microcapsules. Then, it studies the preparation process of sandalwood essential oil microcapsules, and explores the factors such as core-wall ratio, stirring speed, and stirring time etc. affecting the morphology of the fragrant microcapsules. The experimental results show that when the core-wall ratio is 1:16 (mass ratio), the stirring speed is 250 r/min, and the stirring time is 4 h, the sandalwood essential oil microcapsule with spherical structure and ratio of core material 10.02 % can be prepared. With good sustained release property and thermal stability, sandalwood essential oil microcapsule has an important value for additives of detergents and cleansers.
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