Transport Route Optimization for Hazardous Chemicals Based on Heuristic Genetic Algorithm
Hu, Haifeng
Xing, Liguo
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Hu H., Xing L., 2018, Transport Route Optimization for Hazardous Chemicals Based on Heuristic Genetic Algorithm, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 71, 49-54.
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Today, China has witnessed the rapid development in the economy, bringing with it an inevitable booming in the supply and demand for hazardous chemicals. In this context, the production and transportation of hazardous chemicals have also been greatly stimulated. However badly, as dangerous chemicals are flammable and explosive, there is a great safety hazard in the transportation process. Once an accident occurs, it will bring tremendous losses to people's lives and property. It is imperative that the routes with lower cost but at a higher safety level in the transportation process should be developed. This paper builds a transport route optimization model that deliberates overall cost and safety coefficient by analyzing the factors affecting the transportation of dangerous chemicals, which searches for optimal solution with heuristic genetic algorithm. This model is designed to offer a scientific and quantitative evaluation standard for optimizing transport scheduling routes. The findings reveal that economic benefits and safety factors are subjected to different transport routes, and even quite different in some routes. Unreasonable transport routes will cause economic losses to the firms and even cause accidents; before the transportation of dangerous chemicals, scientific models and algorithms can have access to an integrated transport route that allows for economic benefits and safety level. The study can provide the clues to practical exploration and application of transport routes for hazardous chemicals so as to achieve scientific schedule for firms.
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