Correlation of Mineral Element Loss in Contaminated Soil Based on Surface Runoff Principle
Zhang, Junhong
He, Binghui
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Zhang J., He B., 2018, Correlation of Mineral Element Loss in Contaminated Soil Based on Surface Runoff Principle, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 71, 157-162.
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The loss of mineral elements in agricultural land causes the problem of water eutrophication, resulting in the ecological unbalance of water environment. For this, this paper aims to study the loss of mineral elements in contaminated soil. To this end, based on the principle of surface runoff, this paper uses potassium sulfate-molybdenum antimony (MO-Sb) anti-spectrophotometry to test and analyse the phosphorus concentration in the collected water samples, and obtains the influence rule of soil slope and rainfall intensity on the surface runoff water and phosphorus concentration in seepage water at different soil depth. The results show that the total phosphorus (TP) concentration and solid phosphorus concentration in the surface runoff water are positively correlated with the soil slope, and the dissolved phosphorus concentration is negatively correlated with the soil slope; the TP concentration and liquid phosphorus concentration in the leakage water at the 20cm and 40cm-deep soil layers gradually decreases with the increase of soil slope; the TP concentration, dissolved phosphorus (DP) and particulate phosphorus concentration in surface runoff are positively correlated with rainfall intensity, and the TP concentration and DP concentration in the seepage water at 20cm and 40cm-deep soil layer increases with the increase of rainfall intensity.
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