Risk Assessment of Water Pollution in Mountainous Industrial Parks
Zhang, Liyong
Zhang, Xiaoyan
Yang, Yongchun
Wang, Wei
Zhang, Yongsheng
Liu, Junliang
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Zhang L., Zhang X., Yang Y., Wang W., Zhang Y., Liu J., 2018, Risk Assessment of Water Pollution in Mountainous Industrial Parks, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 71, 247-252.
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Water system security is the basic condition and important factor to promote the stable development of mountain industrial parks. The purpose of this study is to scientifically evaluate the water pollution risks that mountain industrial parks may face. To this end, in this paper a water pollution risk assessment index system was constructed in four aspects such as water supply, water use, drainage and flood control. Then, the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) was applied to calculate the weight of each factor. Finally, based on expert scoring, few water pollution risks in the mountain industrial park were found, of which the flood control facilities, chemical pollution, ground seepage capacity and water pipeline system are potential unsafe factors with high risk, and especially various chemical pollution poses a risk for the water source safety, water supply quality and drainage in the park, which needs to be strictly controlled.
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