Financial Risks and Early Warning Analysis of Chemical Enterprises
Chen, Xiangqing
Cui, Ying
Xu, Na
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Chen X., Cui Y., Xu N., 2018, Financial Risks and Early Warning Analysis of Chemical Enterprises, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 71, 349-354.
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With the economic development in society, chemical enterprises are faced with more complicated development issues in their development process. The financial risks of chemical enterprises are attracting more and more attention from people and the early warning analysis against these risks is also improving continuously. Based on the early warning theory of enterprise financial risks, this paper conducts deep analysis of the financial risk factors faced by chemical enterprises, risk early warning process for chemical enterprises and operational mechanism of risk warning model; this paper also designs a financial risk early warning system for chemical enterprises based on fuzzy evaluation method. Through the system calculation, the financial risks of enterprises are displayed according to the severity of the situation to facilitate the decision making of these problems by decision makers.
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