Chemical Oxygen Demand of Oily Wastewater Treatment by Ti/CeO2
Zheng, Zhong
Zhao, Yunsheng
Zhang, Jindong
Du, Jianhua
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Zheng Z., Zhao Y., Zhang J., Du J., 2018, Chemical Oxygen Demand of Oily Wastewater Treatment by Ti/CeO2, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 71, 859-864.
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In order to improve the recovery effect of oily wastewater, the chemical oxygen demand of oily wastewater treatment by Ti/CeO2 is studied in this paper. At first, thin film electrodes with photo catalytic activity are prepared to discuss the mechanism of catalytic oxidation organics of electrodes, proposing a method of photo catalytic oxidation degradation and anodic treatment. Then, this paper measures the current in the process of oxidizing organics to carry out more analysis.It is found that the decolorization rate of methylene blue solution is 97.3% and 88.8% after electrocatalytic degradation of methylene blue solution by electrodes.The depth mineralization selection coefficients of organics are 97.5% and 76.6%, respectively.It can be seen that the electrode prepared by anodizing-laser forging not only has stronger ability of photocatalytic oxidation, but also has higher selectivity for depth mineralization.
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